Become a Root Level Sponsor

Help Sono build a sustained infrastructure by becoming a root level sponsor

The Gutterblood Talk Show is unique because it’s autonomous and nurtures interconnectivity across the Austin art ecosystem. It's about people and it grows organically. It’s these principles that make The Gutterblood Talk Show so potent and fertile. 

The Gutterblood Talk Show is currently funded by Sono’s savings, with a little help from sliding scale ticket sales and modest one time donations. Enthusiasm and a call for more is rapidly expanding, yet Sono cannot continue to sustain, much less improve the show under these circumstances. 

Your contribution will help her meet her immediate overhead of rent (which is rising), A/V equipment, and operating fees and supplies. And if these factors are stabilized into a foreseeable future, Sono will then be able to focus on giving her above and beyond volunteers a raise - a little something for their considerable time and skills. It is not fair or realistic to expect people to work for free indefinitely, especially as popularity for the show and its workload escalates. Sono also wants to expand the team and offer an honorarium for her guest moderators and speakers. 

Above all else, your sponsorship will keep these important conversations going, grow the show to fuller outreach, strengthen communal interconnection and elevate the visibility and agency of our vibrant and diverse Austin art world.

In addition to a life-time membership and the satisfaction of supporting The Gutterblood Talk Show and the art ecosystem of Austin, if you wish, your name and/or logo, as well as a link of your choice, will go up on the Gutterblood Talk Show Root Level Sponsorship Wall which will appear on our website, Instagram page, Youtube Channel and newsletters.

Monthly donation of $50 or more
One-time donation of $1,000 or more
If you’re a vendor, we need in-kind refreshment donations